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A new generation of artists have come together to create a thriving music community in Osaka, Japan. Now, they’re coming to America.


Seiho takes his formal training in jazz, influence from the creative mecca that is Los Angeles, all that has been labeled ‘post-dub-step’ and melds together a truly unique brand of funky dance music. As the founder of Osaka’s Day Tripper Records, Seiho has been instrumental to the new community of young music producers coming up today in Japan.



Magical Mistakes

A liaison between Osaka and the rest of the world, Erik aka Magical Mistakes was first inspired by Osaka’s music scene as a student and resolved to move there. He currently manages the Perfect Touch project. His newest productions are bridging the gaps between the rhythms of the club and the more introspective spaces found in nature.



And Vice Versa

As the founder of the INNIT party in 2011, And Vice Versa is a key figure in the development of the current electronic music scene in Osaka. The event allows attendees to share their tunes at the party, with designated DJ booths and a listening session at the end of night. Through these efforts, a new scene developed, labels formed, and like-minded parties grew in both frequency and size.

As a producer, And Vice Versa‘s newest works are serious, sharp, calculated lo-fi techno freakouts. A perfect way to bring in the early hours of the AM.



March 26/Seattle/Dial up at Q Night Club
Wednesday / 9:00PM / with DJAO, Dial Up crew/ Presented by Dial Up RSVP

March 28/Los Angeles/King King Hollywood
Friday / 9:00PM / with Shigeto, Spazzkid, Eastghost / Presented by Tipping Hand & Street Ritual RSVP

March 29/San Diego/Kill Quanti at The Hideout
Saturday / TBA / with Kill Quanti crew / Presented by Kill Quanti

April 2/Baltimore/The Crown
Saturday / with Chiffon & Co La / Presented by Chiffon

April 3/NYC/Baby’s All Right (Williamsburg)
Thursday / 11:59PM / with secret Astro Nautico DJ / Presented by Ad Hoc & Nina

April 4/Oberlin College/Dionysus Disco
Friday / TBA / with TBA / Presented by Stereocure

April 5/Wesleyan University/Party
Saturday / TBA / with TBA / Presented by Stereocure

Special Merchandise

Spring Fever Postcard + Download: Now on Sale




Three track downloads from Seiho, Magical Mistakes and And Vice Versa available immediately in flac or mp3 format. Postcard written and sent from USA between March 26th and April 6th. Ships anywhere.

Seiho、Magical Mistakes、And Vice Versaの3組による、計7都市に渡るアメリカツアーが決定!今回のツアーを記念して、3組のトラックが、オリジナルデザインのポストカード付きで配信決定!購入後、ツアー中の3/26〜4/6の間に、アメリカ現地よりポストカードが直接郵送されます!

Spring Fever T-shirt + Download: Coming Soon



Coming Soon

Two color screen print crew neck t-shirt. T-shirt includes three track downloads from Seiho, Magical Mistakes and And Vice Versa. On sale throughout tour, and ships worldwide April 8.


Spring Fever illustration by Patanica in Sapporo.

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